Does M.A.C.K Tactics Work?


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Ever heard of “M.A.C.K Tactics“? Well it’s a product that’s not exactly new on the market but it’s hard such huge impact that thousands of people all over the world are discussing about it on the Internet and other media. Originally released as an eBook, this legendary piece of work was later released in hard copy with the title ‘The Science Of Seduction Meets The Art Of Hostage Negotiation’. Still, the original M.A.C.K Tactics is the one that got most people on the Internet talking and it is what we’ll be dissecting in this review.

M.A.C.K Tactics is an eBook manual created by Dean Cortez to help any man out there get the woman he wants. Basically, M.A.C.K Tactics is a seduction guide that teaches men what to say and how to say it when they’ve just met a woman, and then after that, she’ll be looking for you wherever you go. These tactics were learned from Dean’s first hand experiences in real-life situations. In fact, Dean says that he witnessed a real-life hostage situation at one point and learned a lot from the negotiating side of things.

Is M.a.c.k Tactics a scam ?

M.A.C.K Tactics is as interesting as the story behind it. After enduring a heart-breaking split from his partner, Dean relocated to Las Vegas. Just like most men who have been through a breakup, Dean found it hard to get hooked again because his game was at an all time low. Precisely speaking, his game was rusty and whenever he tried out his luck on a girl, he didn’t go that far. But one day, Dean chanced upon some guy who was an absolute M.A.C.K with the girls. According to Dean’s own account, this was a guy who cold basically get any girl he wanted.

So Dean simply did what any other man eager to learn about seducing women would do. He started watching and learning whatever his friend was doing with women. Of course, the inevitable had to happen and Dean made friends with this guy. And by the way, this guy is a federal government negotiator, and so he’s very skilled at using persuasion to get the desired result in whatever situation.

One thing you can’t help but notice as you go through this program is that all the techniques taught herein are unique. What this means is that you will not find the same boring pickup lines you’ll find elsewhere on the Internet or in relationship guides.

Understandably, nothing freaks out men like approaching women. According to Dean, this is all hard-wired in your brain. It is the fear of rejection that creates the nervousness and then eventually, you mess up. So what Dean teaches you is how to reverse this and get on top of things.

It’s a well known fact that ‘jerks’ get all the women they want not because they are irresistibly handsome, but because ‘they don’t care’. This doesn’t mean that you should approach everything casually. It means that you should approach girls with an ‘I don’t care’ attitude but without showing it. This way, you will not care about rejection and instead, you’ll be enjoying the challenge. Once a woman notices that you’re not intimidated by her beauty, she’ll start to pay attention to you. This is what M.A.C.K Tactics
trains you to do.

The fact is that M.A.C.K Tactics has been used for a couple of years now to great success, but one cool thing about this manual is that Dean has kept on adding fresh stuff every now and then.

While the manual teaches you how to go about women generally, the gist of the guide is how to handle the first-meeting scenario. Evidently, the hardest part about hooking up with a woman is the very first step. Once you get over this, the rest becomes easier. M.A.C.K Tactics focuses on that very first step and how to build and sustain a meaningful conversation after that. Women are gifted by the ‘sixth sense’, meaning that they can tell from subtle body language signs what a guy is all about before he even finishes a sentence. Within the first few minutes of interacting with a girl, she will have sized you up and decided whether you’re fit for her or not. In other words, women are naturally far better at dating psychology than men. However, M.A.C.K Tactics turns all of this on its head. Instead, you’ll be catching her off-guard every time, and in doing so, you’ll be building curiosity and tension in her.

What You Can Expect To Get From M.A.C.K Tactics
When you purchase this guide, you get a couple of bonus material all for the price of one. In addition to the main guide, you receive the following bonus items:

A video of a training day session held in Las Vegas where live demonstrations are shown of how to apply some of the tactics in the main program.

An audio course that includes the entire M.A.C.K Tactics collection plus all new stuff that has been added since the first edition. In total, this bonus audio comprises nearly eight hours of training that you’ve never seen before. There’s also a one-hour audio for advanced learners delivered by none other than Carlos Xuma himself, the man commonly referred to as the dating guru. Basically, he teaches advanced techniques of how to develop into the ‘Alpha male’ and lead the alpha lifestyle.

There’s a bunch of other e-Books that you get in the package and all of them simply complement the main manual.

M.A.C.K Tactics is certainly a guide for any man out there that wants to take his game a notch higher. It doesn’t matter where you come from or where you live, these tactics apply to any situation where there is a woman. Once you learn these techniques, you’ll immediately gain the confidence to meet and interact with any type of woman regardless of status. Moreover, the guide borrows some ideas and concepts of hostage negotiation and applies them to the dating scene. When you start putting these strategies into practice, you will never fail with women.




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